Individual synthetic silk mink lashes are applied to each natural eyelashes one by one using a safe medical grade adhesive. Extensions last up to 6 weeks but must be maintained by regular 2 or 3 weeks touch ups in order to keep the fullness. Lashes vary from many different thickness/lengths and can be combined to create your desired look upon consultation. Mission Statement At Luv'Lash I believe in delivering quality and quantity to each and everyone of my clients. Where most eyelash services only use 30-60 extensions per eye, at Luv'Lash I do not go by count. My goal is to create the effect of fullness for each and everyone of my clients however number of lashes it takes! Lay down in a comfortable bed padded with extra memory foam for added comfort. Listen to a relaxing aromatherapy music as you anticipate your new and gorgeous lashes. Doze off for an hour and half as your eyes goes through its beautification process. Wake up feeling rested and open your eyes to see the new you! Make sure to book for your 2 weeks fill before you leave to prevent loosing convenient time and date of your most anticipated beautification!



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